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20 апр 2022 : Новая песня JORN
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Jorn "Dio" Год



CD Album

Heavy Metal

Frontiers Records

N Название
1Song for Ronnie James
3Shame on the Night
5Stand Up and Shout
6Don't Talk to Strangers
7Lord of the Last Day
8Night People
9Sacred Heart
10Sunset Superman
11Lonely Is the Word / Letters from Earth (2010 version)
12Kill the King
13Straight Through the Heart (live)
Total playing time: 01:06:29
Состав группы->
Jørn Lande - lead vocals
Tor Erik Myhre - guitars
Jgor Gianola - guitars
Tore Moren - guitars
Nic Angileri - bass
Willy Bendiksen - drums, percussion

Tommy Hansen - keyboards
The album was recorded as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio and consists of covers of songs from Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow, with one original composition written for Ronnie James Dio. Lande describes the album as a "fine collection of songs that present the music of the Man and the Artist, with a unique twist" and a "sincere and heartfelt “thank you” to a great and influential Artist" who "has affected my life and career in such a way that without his presence, I would not have become the artist I am today"
Тексты песен
1. Song For Ronnie James

There is a voice in the world for the lonely
There is a fire in the heart of the king
And the broken ones will know they are not the only
When he starts to sing
I turn to face the sun
When pain is calling
My mind is on the run
Another angel falling
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