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The idea of KRK spawned in Raisio (Fin) in late 2005 by T.Ruohonen and J.Nurmi. The original idea was to promote the duo's own bands by organizing one single gig including a more famous Finnish band (Ensiferum) as headliner. Shortly after the first and very successful event T & J decided to continue the chosen path and organized their second, then third, then fourth ? and so on, event in Turku, Finland. From the beginning T and J had help from several friends who made these events, most of the time, easier for the two to organize. Until early 2007 the bands KRK had worked with were basically demo bands (excluding Ensiferum) but with the experience gained and the need to evolve the lads decided to widen the artist roster to bigger Finnish and foreign acts, also adding more cities where to organize gigs. The year 2007 included such bands as Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Nunslaughter, Forgotten Tomb, Gallhammer to name few. After the first tour completely organized by KRK (Forgotten Tomb in august 2007) there was no turning back. By making P. Rihko the third solid kvltist in 2008 the young organization kept on going and grew more and more professional all the time. One could say that the highest peak so far was when KRK became a limited company and joined forces with Ltd Olbifrus Oy in 2009. This covenant includes i.e. public travels to different kind of festivals and events. Also another partner in crime was found, Delta Mekong Concerts from Russia. With the trio formed by KRK, Olbifrus and DMC it is now child's play to get bands to Russia to play successful gigs.
Преимущественно организация концертов в городе : Хельсинки (Финляндия)

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