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Why women find rich men more attractive?

Have you ever realized that a woman finds a man more attractive as soon as she learns the fact that he is quite wealthy? Even women, who are anything but materialistic, discover this special feature. However, psychologists find other reasons for this phenomenon than just the average size of the wallet.

leads to the fact that money is attractive to women. The same applies to the character traits of assertiveness and determination, which impress most women much more than a man who is henpecked.

A very practical example: When he invites you to a dinner in an expensive restaurant, he likes to pay the bill without worrying about how he will survive until the next salary. And if you accept a generous gift from him, you don't have to feel guilty about driving him to financial ruin. He can just afford to be generous and you - to enjoy it without feeling bad about it.


Stability or security is probably one of the most desirable qualities of a rich man. Evolutionary women yearn for a sense of security to allow their children to grow up in a positive environment. It does not matter whether the woman works or not. In the past, it was the "provider" who knew how to protect his family with his imposing stature and strength and who also bore the financial responsibility for the family. Nowadays, the classic division of roles, at least in the western industrialized countries, is barely possible due to the progressive emancipation of women and globalization. The greatest security a man can offer his wife now lies in monetary aspects. Today, security in this sense means freedom through financial carelessness in order to be able to seize and steer opportunities and possibilities in shaping the future of the family and the children.


Wealthy men are often considered to be practical and smart, because in order to keep and maximize a fortune, you need these qualities above all. Intelligent men have always been extremely attractive to women, because a smart partner has good genes and thus increases the likelihood that offspring are healthy and gifted.


In addition to this, such a man can afford to look very manicured and dress extraordinarily well. High quality of life, healthy food, regular spa & wellness procedures - all this makes him look good, healthy and dazzling and act like a magnet for women.

Last, but not least: One of the most important factors here is the Ego for the woman. The fact that this man chose her of all people as his partner gives her moreconfidence, makes her feel attractive, more successful and of course makes all her girlfriends jealous ;) On the other hand, the partners must also match in character, otherwise happiness is only temporary.


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